The Caregiver Spot – Your roadmap to successful caregiving

At The Caregiver Spot the unpaid caregiver will have at their fingertips caring professionals who have years of home health care and assistive technology experience working directly with the elderly and their unpaid caregivers.  Also, a certified senior advisor can coach on ways to be a better caregiver, relieve stress, and offer advice and assistance.

But, most importantly, people who have had direct experience taking care of an elderly parent or loved one are there for you, the caregiver.

Here you will have not only emotional support for yourself by connecting with other caregivers in your community who share your experiences, but services available in the community where your loved one lives as well as directly from

The Caregiver Spot to assist in your unpaid caregiving responsibilities.

Services that we will offer:

  1. Perform an extensive home assessment with all parties involved.
  2. Help with obtaining respite care for a few hours or more per week.
  3. Participate in the well being of mom and the caregiver by always looking for fresh ideas.
  4. When necessary make changes to the home environment for safety, convenience and peace of mind.
  5. Offer new technology such as non-obtrusive monitoring solutions that are simple, effective and affordable.
  6. Assist in ongoing tasks such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, bathing, and maintaining a safe home for mom.
  7. A website that tracks every aspect of your responsibilities to your loved one, all in one place.
  8. Connect with other unpaid caregivers and volunteers in the community for emotional support for caregiver and companionship for mom.
  9. Maintain a positive relationship between caregiver, patient and the medical community.
  10. A brick and mortar store with the latest in assistive technology, computer training, classes, and solutions to help ease stress for the unpaid caregiver.

10 Things You Should do to be a more effective caregiver:
Even before we begin our journey and you explore the benefits of our new website and services lets give you a simple toolbox to get started.


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